A Cut Above Housekeeping

Evaluating Your Home

The absolute quickest way to get an estimate is to use our online

booking and auto-quote software. It's extremely accurate and instant!

No one wants to feel taken advantage of when it comes to housekeeping fees. A Cut Above Housekeeping totally understands that!

We try our very best to provide you an accurate quote. Quoting a home 'sight unseen' is difficult because everyone has a different idea of what clean is. Currently we are not able to do in-home estimates as our schedules are really full. Our Book It Now software is the most accurate in the industry!

Below is a quick reference guide to help you place your home and your needs into a common understanding with us.

No one judges anyone for the condition of their home. Our job is to simply help you in the best possible way.

The closer we can match your home and needs to our understanding of cleaning times, the more accurate our quote will be.

Light Cleaning Looks Like This

Although there is little clutter and almost no build-up, homes that are gently used still need cleaning.

Lightly Used Homes Look Like This

Open Floors and Uncluttered Spaces

We thoroughly clean each home. It simply takes us less time to move through a homes like these,

therefore, your cleaning cost is much lower than other types of homes.

Regular Cleaning Looks Like This

Although there is some clutter and build-up, homes that are used well but not overused are what we would consider "regular" or "average".

Average Homes Look Like This

Semi-Congested Living Areas

These spaces take a bit longer to clean because there is some congestion

and some 'picking up' that must happen before cleaning begins.

Deep Cleaning Looks Like This

These homes are heavily used by busy people that don't have much time to maintain their spaces day to day. That's where we come in!!

Heavily Used, Congested or Cluttered Homes

Cramped Floors and Congested Spaces

These spaces are congested and difficult to move through. There is much 'picking up' before we can begin cleaning.

This is the front of a microwave. This is an example of a home that will need deep cleaning. Please choose "Deep Cleaning" on your Book It Now form. This helps us determine the amount of time your cleaning will take.

Definition of "Cancellation"


Cancellation Policy

We define a cancellation as follows:

*The request to not come and perform a scheduled cleaning on the day/time it was booked.

*The request to reschedule a booked appointment to another day or time in the future

*Refusing service when the housekeeper is there and ready to work

*Forgetting to leave a key or other entry protocols and your housekeeper can't gain entry *lock out

**Credit/Debit card failure during the "hold" process (done the morning of your cleaning)

Short Clean / Modified Cancellation (sudden time reduction):

*Reducing the number of cleaning hours you booked once your housekeeper(s) are on site (see below)

If you have booked for a certain number of hours and decide after we arrive you'd like less hours than you booked for, we'll have to charge you for what you booked for originally. Booking time can be always be changed, we just need time to change it. Cleanings in the future can be amended, we just can't amend times after we show up on the day of service.

Cancellation Fees:

Short Cleanings / Modified Partial Cancellation: Customer is responsible for 100% of the booked cleaning

72 hours or less: = Customer is responsible for the full amount (100%) of the cleaning that was booked.

*includes lock out **includes failed card payments