A Cut Above Housekeeping





$55 per cleaner per hour


4 hour cleaning ----with 1 cleaner = $220 and will take 4 hours

4 hour cleaning ----with 2 cleaners = $220 and will take 2 hours

Included in your rate is the following

-All sales tax

-Supplies and Equipment

-->Note: We must charge the fee on your booking. If you reduce your booked cleaning time on the day of your cleaning I still have to charge you for what you booked for.

For example: if you booked 6 hours but decide once the housekeeper is there that you only want 4 hours. I will have to bill for the 6 hours you booked for. I will also have to pay our staff for the hours the cleaning was supposed to be, not for the time you decided you wanted after they arrived. Please let us know in advance if you don't want all the hours you booked for!


How much you are billed is directly related to how long your cleaning will take us to complete, not by the square footage or the location of your home. Many factors contribute to the length of time we will be inside your home cleaning.

Billing generally begins when your cleaner arrives and enters your home (unless there is no attached parking available) and billing ends when your cleaner has completed the agreed upon tasks or a set number of hours has passed and has loaded out all equipment and supplies.

Fees in addition to cleaning if staff has to:

Wait For Payment:

-If we have to wait for you to find your preferred method of payment or send your PayPal payment, that time will need to be added to your bill.

Wait For You To Arrive or Return

-If we have to wait for you to come and unlock your home or return home after the cleaning, we will need to bill you for the time we wait.

Park Offsite

-Parking that our staff has to pay to use

-Time spent feeding a parking meter

-Load In / Load Out time *parked more than 100 feet away


New clients will have card run as a "Hold" the morning of your cleaning. After that cleaning, you will be billed in the evening of your cleaning.

Clients that are on regular cleaning schedules can send payment via Debit/Credit card or PayPal at their convenience some time before 9pm on cleaning day.

Clients using the BOOK IT NOW feature on the website will be billed that evening with the information you provided.

-Debit / Credit Card (Payment link will be sent to you, pay however you like)

-PayPal (Due at completion of cleaning)

-Cash given or left for your cleaners

-Check given or left for your cleaners

Definition of "Cancellation"


Cancellation Policy

We define a cancellation as follows:

*The request to not come and perform a scheduled cleaning on the day/time it was booked.

*The request to reschedule a booked appointment to another day or time in the future

*Refusing service when the housekeeper is there and ready to work

*Forgetting to leave a key or other entry protocols and your housekeeper can't gain entry *lock out

**Credit/Debit card failure during the "hold" process (done the morning of your cleaning)

Short Clean / Modified Cancellation (sudden time reduction):

*Reducing the number of cleaning hours you booked once your housekeeper(s) are on site (see below)

If you have booked for a certain number of hours and decide after we arrive you'd like less hours than you booked for, we'll have to charge you for what you booked for originally. Booking time can be always be changed, we just need time to change it. Cleanings in the future can be amended, we just can't amend times after we show up on the day of service.

Cancellation Fees:

Short Cleanings / Modified Partial Cancellation: Customer is responsible for 100% of the booked cleaning

72 hours or less: = Customer is responsible for the full amount (100%) of the cleaning that was booked.

*includes lock out **includes failed card payments