A Cut Above Housekeeping

OUR Cleaning Checklist - What We DO Clean

Here is a list of what we do when we are in your home. You are ALWAYS in control of this list. If there are items or tasks that you do not want us to do, please tell us. We are so flexible! You can also add on tasks that you want that you don't see on the list.

~What we Don't Clean is listed below this section~

All Rooms

Floors - Vacuum, sweep, and mop

Clean furniture -Vacuum upholstery (sofas, chairs) & underneath cushions, wipe glass surfaces, dry wipe/dust wood furniture

Wash window areas- Tracks, sashes, jambs, hardware (all area of window except glass-You can add on Inside Windows to your task list at an additional charge) **Deep Clean

Dust all blinds (we can't wet wipe blinds)

Heater vents- Dust all areas of , clean vents themselves. Wet wipe during Deep Cleaning

De-Web- Remove cobwebs (ceilings, walls, behind doors, closets, lights, curtains,etc)

Garbage- Empty all garbage & replace bag (washing the can is a Deep Cleaning Task)

Mirrors- Clean all mirrors

Baseboards- Dust all reachable baseboards (wet wiping baseboards is a Deep Cleaning task)

Folding- All blankets, sheets, etc. lying out

Books and/or magazines- dusted and stacked neatly

Doors- Clean all areas of door (sides, actual door, on top of door frame, sides of door frame), knobs and locks

Clean all ceiling fans

Vacuum all stairs

Clean handrails

Clean light fixtures that we can reach

Laundry room

Clean surfaces

-Clean doors

-Clean all floors (sweep/mop)

-Baseboards (dust)

-Damp wipe exterior of washer & dryer

-Sanitize sink

Kitchen/Dining Room/Breakfast nook

- Clean counters, back-spash

- Clean under all counter appliances & items

- Clean down bottom of refrigerator grill

- Scrub/clean/sanitize sink, faucet, back-splash & drain (shine faucet fixtures); scrub around all fixtures

- Damp wipe small counter appliances

- Clean Microwave (in and out)

- Dishwasher (exterior AND inner edge)

- Refrigerator outside AND quick wipe inside plus handles, top, front, sides

- Oven (exterior) and glass fronts

- Stove burners-drip pans scleaned if we can remove them without damaging them, burner rings, remove knobs and clean, top, underneath, and sides of stove vent)

- Cupboards and knobs (outside)

- Table and chairs

- Empty crumbs from toaster

(bleach products used in sinks)


-Make beds if requested

**(strip/wash/replace as directed)

*Note: Washing laundry may increase the amount of time we are in your home and add additional costs.

-Dust surfaces and items on dressers and nightstands

-Dust windowsills and blinds


- Dust electronic equipment

Note: We don't disturb any paperwork on desks

- Straighten and dust books, etc

Bathrooms (bleach product used)


-Sanitize inside, outside and base

-clean around all moldings


*Bleach products used in tubs/toilets

- Walls and floor scrubbed and sanitized

- Shower door(s) washed and dried

- Clean shower tracks

- Clean and sanitize sink

- Shine fixtures and all chrome

- Tub and tile grout cleaned

*Note: Mold that has grown under caulking and completely through grout may still appear dark colored after cleaning.

- Fold towels neatly

- Shake or vacuum carpets

- Clean front and sides of cabinets, counter tops, all surfaces, mirrors

Living Room / Entryway

- Dust all surfaces and items

Note: if there are many objects to move, we'll move them & dust under them too, but this increases our time). You can opt for a 'dust around' option which will reduce your costs

- Polish wood (per request only)

- Clean all glass, pictures, mirrors

(except windows)

- Dust TV screen and electronic equipment

- Vacuum all furniture including under cushions and pillows

- Fold blankets neatly, fluff all pillows and arrange sofa cushions neatly

- Fireplace mantel and glass exterior dusted *scrubbing the glass is a Deep Cleaning Task

Things We Can't Clean

Mini-blinds that are sticky, fuzzy or splattered/stained

--We can ONLY dry dust mini-blinds for several reasons. Mostly, mini-blinds are fragile. We can't take responsibility for damaging them. Also, it will likely take longer to clean them thoroughly than most people think. It's usually less expensive to just replace deeply dirty blinds or hire a mobile blind cleaning service.

Feces, vomit, bodily fluids, pet litter, litter boxes, cages

Medical equipment

Sliding ANY large furniture across any floors for ANY reason

--Even if you place furniture sliders under large furniture in preparation for our arrival, we can not slide it. We simply can't be responsible for scratching your floors.

Exterior windows, garages, decks, carports etc.

Electronic displays (TV's, Computer screens)

--We dry dust all electronic displays gently. We can not use liquid on them that we provide. We CAN, however, use a product and cleaning cloth that you provide along with a note specifically asking us to clean an electronic display.

--We dust and wipe all bases, we just can't touch the screens with liquids or cleaning solutions.

Wet carpet

--We use state of the art vacuums made for schools, hospitals and libraries. We can not vacuum over carpets that are urine stained or urine soaked, wet food, water spills, leaks etc. It will damage our equipment.

Grout (deeply dirty, damaged or moldy/stained)

--We clean grout as we clean the area that the grout is in. However, we do not have the equipment to deep clean grout that is severely damaged, dirty or stained/moldy. There are professional companies that specialize in grout cleaning and they will be your best bet.

Light fixtures, windows, art, decor items we can't reach

-We will dust and clean light fixtures within reach

Wet, deeply dirty or stained upholstery

--While we love to vacuum and perfectly clean upholsery (couches, loveseats, chairs etc), we can not clean spills, baby mess, food and stains. We don't have the equipment to steam clean any surfaces in your home.

Showers, tubs, toilets, walls, doors, baseboards that have become discolored or stained.

--We can clean it, but clean doesn't always mean 'looks like new'. If your bathrooms or walls, baseboards, floors etc are stained, we can't fix that. We can only clean it.

Broken, damaged, rickety furniture, pictures, knick knacks, mirrors, chairs etc

--I am certain you can understand when your housekeeper(s) doesn't clean obviously damaged items in your home. If we find obvious damage, we photograph it before we begin cleaning. That is why we do an initial walk-through. Obviously damaged items are photographed and placed into your client folder.

Definition of "Cancellation"


Cancellation Policy

We define a cancellation as follows:

*The request to not come and perform a scheduled cleaning on the day/time it was booked.

*The request to reschedule a booked appointment to another day or time in the future

*Refusing service when the housekeeper is there and ready to work

*Forgetting to leave a key or other entry protocols and your housekeeper can't gain entry *lock out

**Credit/Debit card failure during the "hold" process (done the morning of your cleaning)

Short Clean / Modified Cancellation (sudden time reduction):

*Reducing the number of cleaning hours you booked once your housekeeper(s) are on site (see below)

If you have booked for a certain number of hours and decide after we arrive you'd like less hours than you booked for, we'll have to charge you for what you booked for originally. Booking time can be always be changed, we just need time to change it. Cleanings in the future can be amended, we just can't amend times after we show up on the day of service.

Cancellation Fees:

Short Cleanings / Modified Partial Cancellation: Customer is responsible for 100% of the booked cleaning

72 hours or less: = Customer is responsible for the full amount (100%) of the cleaning that was booked.

*includes lock out **includes failed card payments