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After we leave your home sparkling and beautiful, you can relax and enjoy a clean, healthy home.

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We are Kim and Devon, owners of A Cut Above Housekeeping offering you high-end housekeeping at a reasonable price with reliability, enthusiasm, and over 16 years of experience.

We use the lowest impact cleaning solutions making it perfectly livable for you, your pets and your children.

We have built our business around people who love their home and enjoy their living environments to the fullest. We LOVE picky clients! If you've had a hard time with other housekeeping services, give us a try. We will exceed your expectations every time.

Are you tired of the revolving door of new housekeepers tromping through your house? Tired of your things getting put back in the wrong places, or lined up like items on a department store shelf? Tired of crumbs under the toaster and rings of dust under your lamps after your cleaning? The small things are our specialty.

With A Cut Above, we try our best to schedule you the same cleaners every time - dedicated professionals who know your home and your preferences. We offer flexible scheduling to meet your needs, and are always available to discuss your ever evolving life.

We love housekeeping! We simply adore making everything shine and sparkle! We are housekeepers by choice, because we love the job we do. Our biggest reward is the smile on your face when you see your home at its best. We bring care and attention to the details, giving you a true deep clean. Presentation is also a top priority - we make your home look like a magazine spread!

Let us come and love your home too - you'll be amazed! Efficient, friendly and consistent. We give 100% so you don't have to worry about a thing.

With A Cut Above Housekeeping you can be assured that showing up on time, not rescheduling your appointments AND never slamming through your home in a rush to get done is our #1 priority. We know that your home is important to you. It is also important to us!

Definition of "Cancellation"


Cancellation Policy

We define a cancellation as follows:

*The request to not come and perform a scheduled cleaning on the day/time it was booked.

*The request to reschedule a booked appointment to another day or time in the future

*Refusing service when the housekeeper is there and ready to work

*Forgetting to leave a key or other entry protocols and your housekeeper can't gain entry *lock out

**Credit/Debit card failure during the "hold" process (done the morning of your cleaning)

Short Clean / Modified Cancellation (sudden time reduction):

*Reducing the number of cleaning hours you booked once your housekeeper(s) are on site (see below)

If you have booked for a certain number of hours and decide after we arrive you'd like less hours than you booked for, we'll have to charge you for what you booked for originally. Booking time can be always be changed, we just need time to change it. Cleanings in the future can be amended, we just can't amend times after we show up on the day of service.

Cancellation Fees:

Short Cleanings / Modified Partial Cancellation: Customer is responsible for 100% of the booked cleaning

72 hours or less: = Customer is responsible for the full amount (100%) of the cleaning that was booked.

*includes lock out **includes failed card payments