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Welcome to our online stress-free Quote and Booking assistant! By answering a few question we can have your estimate (on the right hand side of the form) show you in real time what you can expect! Nothing could be easier.

We only charge you after your cleaning is complete! Often, you will get money back should we complete your cleaning quicker than our estimate said we would.

Please also see our Cancellation Policy for information regarding cancelling an already booked cleaning.

Our Credit / Debit Card Security Platform:

256-bit SSL encrypted payment platform.

Booking will require your credit / debit card info to be input, however, we use the same high level of payment security platform as banks, credit unions and other financial institutions.

Remember: Recurring bi-weekly cleanings will ALWAYS be less than your initial cleaning. The BOOK IT NOW assistant gives quotes for first time cleanings BUT will not carry your discounts (if any) forward. It's an unfortunate feature of the auto-quote software. We will manually adjust your recurring cleanings to what we all agreed on.

We love our clients and want to make life as easy as possible.

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Welcome To Our Family!

If you can not book the day or time you want on the software, text me at 206.200.3392 and I will get you as close as humanely possible to your desired schedule. The Holidays are extremely hectic and we will do our best to accommodate you! Also, there is a small possiblility that the day and time you did chose might not be available. I will contact you to find an acceptable time and day. Thank you!


Read the text below before booking

Please list ALL the rooms in your home even if you don't want them to be cleaned!!

Bedrooms: Please list your home with ALL of the bedrooms it has even if you don't want some of them cleaned: If you have a 4 bedroom home but you don't use some of the bedrooms (and don't want them cleaned) still list it as a 4 bedroom home! Below that portion of the form is a place to put How Many Bedrooms Are Used. Here is where you put the number of bedrooms actually occupied and used as bedrooms. In the note section, tell me what you don't want want cleaned. You'll likely end up paying less than the estimate, but we'll know how to schedule you most effictively.

Multi-Level homes: For people who only want one floor of their home cleaned, leaving out some bedrooms on the that floor, still please include the total number of bedrooms your home has. In the "Note" section tell me that you only want one floor done and I'll contact you and provide you a verbal quote.

Media rooms and additional living rooms/rec rooms: Please list media rooms and additional rec rooms as "living rooms". For example, if you have a living room, a formal sitting area and a media room, list it as 3 living rooms.

Our software will flag a booking if the home seems out of proportion. If your booking is flagged for review, I receive an email but you won't. I'll contact you and resolve the issue. Then I will manually ok the booking after we discuss your home and what your needs are.

However, someone else can book that spot right up until I have ok'd the booking.

As an example:

1 bedroom home

2 living rooms

1 dining room

3 stairways

It is impossible for a 1 bedroom home to have 2 living rooms and 3 floors! Our software knows this. The size of your kitchen and bathrooms depend on the number of bedrooms your home has. A home with 2 bedrooms will have a kitchen and bathroom(s) proportionally in allignment with 2 bedrooms. A 4 bedroom home will have a kitchen and bathrooms in proportion to the 4 bedrooms and higher occupancy percentages.


Read the text above before booking

Definition of "Cancellation"


Cancellation Policy

We define a cancellation as follows:

*The request to not come and perform a scheduled cleaning on the day/time it was booked.

*The request to reschedule a booked appointment to another day or time in the future

*Refusing service when the housekeeper is there and ready to work

*Forgetting to leave a key or other entry protocols and your housekeeper can't gain entry *lock out

**Credit/Debit card failure during the "hold" process (done the morning of your cleaning)

Short Clean / Modified Cancellation (sudden time reduction):

*Reducing the number of cleaning hours you booked once your housekeeper(s) are on site (see below)

If you have booked for a certain number of hours and decide after we arrive you'd like less hours than you booked for, we'll have to charge you for what you booked for originally. Booking time can be always be changed, we just need time to change it. Cleanings in the future can be amended, we just can't amend times after we show up on the day of service.

Cancellation Fees:

Short Cleanings / Modified Partial Cancellation: Customer is responsible for 100% of the booked cleaning

72 hours or less: = Customer is responsible for the full amount (100%) of the cleaning that was booked.

*includes lock out **includes failed card payments